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SEBHSA BC-1606.RR swift action truck mounted pump

Mounted on a compact, self-propelled, roadworthy truck for maximum flexibility.

Mounted on a compact, self-propelled truck and roadworthy for best flexibility, the SEBHSA BC-1606.RR quick-acting truck-mounted pump responds quickly to all concrete-wise requirements.
Maximum concrete flow: 60 m³/h
Maximum concrete pressure: 60 bar

Capable of moving quickly and effortlessly between multiple job sites, the SEBHSA BC-1606.RR quick-acting truck-mounted pump is perfect for local jobs and smaller commercial jobs, as well as any emergency needs.

The SEBHSA BC-1606.RR quick-acting truck-mounted pump is mounted on a compact truck chassis and with a powerful pumping capacity of 60 m³/h or 60 bar, the SEBHSA BC-1606.RR quick-acting truck-mounted pump excels in projects with restricted spaces and difficult access, such as renovations in the city centres or work on cliffs and coasts, as well as being the definitive tool for any urgent or scheduled concrete-wise requirements. Its independently powered pump module makes it highly flexible, ready to go whenever and wherever. It is the ideal multi-purpose tool for any construction or foundation company.

Key features

  • Mounted on the chassis of a compact self-propelled truck of your choice and equipped with an independently powered concrete pumping module.
  • Highly flexible and capable of serving multiple job sites per day.
  • Fully mechanical / hydraulic operation in open hydraulic circuit, robust, durable and easy to use.
  • Fully equipped and with accessorised according to the individual needs and specifications of each client.

Technical specifications

Diesel engine
Max. flow output
Max. concrete pressure
D. pumping cylinders
55 kW
60 m³/h
60 bar
180 Ø x 1400 mm

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